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What is the natural order of things? Is there one? We find all the evidence of the natural order, as well as questions that cannot yet be answered, at our current level of understanding. The order of nature that exists inside and outside of us in our personal lives and world events is influenced by our individual and collective vision. And by what we perceive in our lives.

Our Environment Is Electromagnetic

Whether or not our intelligence or soul is from another dimension of greater Being, we and everything around us, including world events operate under the rules established in the molecular code formed in the center of our galaxy, which operates under the rules of electromagnetism, governing the universe.

Understanding that the laws of electromagnetic energy apply to everything, we find everything in our lives and lifestyle, including world events, must operate under this natural law of energy basis.

Can We Create Our Own Personal And Community Reset?

Many are creating debt independence and ecologically self-sufficient living for themselves and in their communities. We report on the natural solutions to the great reset.

Ending Slavery In Our Life And Time

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