Thank you for the meaningful and inspirational story and kind words. Your story is quite complex. I do not think I really understand how one might strategically analyze and plan to optimize the focus of your story in ways that will contribute to its outcome.

Please note that I do not consider myself a leader or follower, I will never lead or follow in what remains. I am an equal partner who shares with other equal partners. I am doing my best to facilitate the Solution Seeking. Solution Seeking is at a stage where it can go in many different directions from here. My hope was always that writers better than me would improve upon what I tried and start their own. You may want to do something like that?

I also note that you have another page which analyzes the Ben Davidson extinction event. While I question some of what Ben does, I admire him, think he is probably mostly correct, and am grateful that he has brought this to the attention of so many.

For me, everything is a probability. I learned to think this way in my engineering simulation career. We ran models to predict the future. Usually at least three different options were run into the future. Then we ran at least three different cases for each option, usually best case, worth case, most likely case. We worked to avoid the worst case, work towards the best case, and devote most resources preparing for the most likely. The Solution Seeking experience has taught me several tings, and one is that most people do not model the future like I do. Many do not think of solutions like I do. I think of a broad range of solutions and am thankful when I discover a new one. Many people have one solution they prefer or have developed, and they often do not discuss the different solutions critically, rather, many defend their solution of choice while not considering other solutions, looking at the pros and cons of all of them.

One thing which Solution Seeking gifted me with was personal email contact with many great people. They share a wide range of articles with me. I decided to just start putting them into the Web Links Of Interest posts, and now that has become a full time job. It is not a job I particularly like. For now, I will continue because I think it is important. I am hoping my partners can discover a way of sharing the loads.

At this time I am preparing to try to move from my urban home to the mountains. Because I am old and alone with no dependents, I am not overly concerned about the coming events as discussed by Davidson. If I can get settled on my mountain acreage I may invite others if I can figure out the logistics.

Since the new year, I have put 60+ hours per week into Solution Seeking. If I am to manifest the acreage, that will have to drop significantly. I am not giving up, but reallocating resources. I do not want a career as a writer. Never being comfortable with doing it, I did it because it was a moral imperative. I am not giving up, but I need to give attention to many things that have been neglected.

Thanks for reading this, and for your story.

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