Thank you for the meaningful and inspirational story and kind words. Your story is quite complex. I do not think I really understand how one might strategically analyze and plan to optimize the focus of your story in ways that will contribute to its outcome.

Please note that I do not consider myself a leader or follower, I will never lead or follow in what remains. I am an equal partner who shares with other equal partners. I am doing my best to facilitate the Solution Seeking. Solution Seeking is at a stage where it can go in many different directions from here. My hope was always that writers better than me would improve upon what I tried and start their own. You may want to do something like that?

I also note that you have another page which analyzes the Ben Davidson extinction event. While I question some of what Ben does, I admire him, think he is probably mostly correct, and am grateful that he has brought this to the attention of so many.

For me, everything is a probability. I learned to think this way in my engineering simulation career. We ran models to predict the future. Usually at least three different options were run into the future. Then we ran at least three different cases for each option, usually best case, worth case, most likely case. We worked to avoid the worst case, work towards the best case, and devote most resources preparing for the most likely. The Solution Seeking experience has taught me several tings, and one is that most people do not model the future like I do. Many do not think of solutions like I do. I think of a broad range of solutions and am thankful when I discover a new one. Many people have one solution they prefer or have developed, and they often do not discuss the different solutions critically, rather, many defend their solution of choice while not considering other solutions, looking at the pros and cons of all of them.

One thing which Solution Seeking gifted me with was personal email contact with many great people. They share a wide range of articles with me. I decided to just start putting them into the Web Links Of Interest posts, and now that has become a full time job. It is not a job I particularly like. For now, I will continue because I think it is important. I am hoping my partners can discover a way of sharing the loads.

At this time I am preparing to try to move from my urban home to the mountains. Because I am old and alone with no dependents, I am not overly concerned about the coming events as discussed by Davidson. If I can get settled on my mountain acreage I may invite others if I can figure out the logistics.

Since the new year, I have put 60+ hours per week into Solution Seeking. If I am to manifest the acreage, that will have to drop significantly. I am not giving up, but reallocating resources. I do not want a career as a writer. Never being comfortable with doing it, I did it because it was a moral imperative. I am not giving up, but I need to give attention to many things that have been neglected.

Thanks for reading this, and for your story.

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Thanks. I get your meaning. I was conflicted by reaching out to a very young child in a conversation, so they could understand how one might strategically analyze and plan to optimize a better reset and egalitarian society. The primary problem I see is to stop the banks from printing. If we can't do this, all of our solutions will be outspent and buried while the new reset continues to be funded and enforced. Central banks continue to have more power the more money they print. This presents solutions for 2 models. the first is a financial collapse on the bank's timetable, which is a known outcome likely in part or total this year. And the other model is where we collapse the banks and the economy. collapses. This is a solution with no known outcome that we must imagine because it contains a better potential outcome for us in terms of the death rate required, for the amount of freedom gained over the bank slavery mass death, and economic collapse option.

This was difficult for me to put in a story to a child context. You're right, it is complex. I tried to break down the basic elements.

The first problem we must solve if we stop the banks and begin a wealth economy is no established order at the formative beginning of the new order. We must create order, beginning with the mitigation of starvation and desperation as the supply chain and services break down. In a limited or no authority environment, the gang with the biggest crew and the most guns rules. So what are our solutions? The mother and father in my story got out of town while the getting was good, and found a self-reliant community to live in. Where they could build wealth and defend their assets.

Self-reliance in communities with like-minded people is the first solution, not only to avoiding bank slavery under the first model but under the stop the bank model as well and beginning a new wealth model. Permaculture.

But it is not a stable or permanent solution unless some kind of constitutional power can be projected into the cities from counties loyal to the constitution. Law enforcement power and county government power can be used to establish legal ownership and control over assets, even temporarily if necessary. Even apartment dwellers in big cities, cut off from official law and money, will fare better in a county, run under a constitutional rebuild. A lot of people are building networks with county sheriffs, and officials, also moving to friendly counties and so people are and can prepare a framework for this solution now.

Then there is the problem of no official currency. How will people need to be paid to work and how will people develop a currency With federal reserve notes worthless who will run dams, bridges, water facilities, power companies etc. It has to be based on remuneration of some kind, and it must be based on what is built as a result of their efforts. I have no national plan to reestablish a common tender., it's above my pay grade. But I helped build some small communities of a few houses, with gardens from the ground up, and the best ones were when everyone had a share of the wealth. We can use the early pilgrim settlement model as well. They had to defend themselves and build their settlement from nothing. By allowing each one in the Mayflower Compact to profit from their land parcel, they grew and built enough to trade with the Indians, have the first Thanksgiving, begin a settlement resource bank, etc. the rest is history. We can also draw from the San Francisco Earthquake model. Here there was established order but no one had anything. Although large European banks corrupted the process, the Fed had not been formed yet. A lot of land and stuff was available at bargain basement prices. A lot of little people pooled their resources and the city was built back very quickly. The earthquake of a bank collapse will be similar in as much as many former solvent global corporations will be insolvent, unprotected, and investigated for criminal violations of many kinds. Many asset potentials will be available at low prices.

A secondary problem connected to this is protecting resources needed for repurposing and rebuilding during any initial chaos before resale. Unlike San Francisco, there will be no one to buy new stuff from, if all production capacity everywhere is ransacked and destroyed around the world and especially in the U.S.

Is this more what you are looking for? I had these models in mind in the story content, for a child and tried to include them but I guess not too clearly. There will be an economic collapse sooner rather than later, and it favors us to instigate it because we more certainly avoid slavery, there are more of us than them. Also, the outcome is in the realm of the Unknown or God. That favors us as well because we do not fear God. They do. They want to be God and will continue to believe they can be unless they are stopped. They do not innovate well and need to be scripted, but no one will be paid to deliver the scripts. This will increase their chaos factor.

So that's the problem and some of the basic models I see relevant solutions based on. We can get more specific if you like these.

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Please accept my sincere gratitude for your well thought out and detailed reply. I understand only part of it so far. Your solution is somewhat similar to others I have seen but it has some unique attributes. All kinds of questions arise but I do best if I think about things and review them for a while before asking the questions. Please bear with me.

Please note that I have several solutions. Hence, the solution posted in this article contained that aspect. I do have two other solutions that I invite you to review and comment on. They are crudely discussed in the following post and Plan B is somewhat elaborated on in the pinned comment. As conversations seeded ideas I added to it and included the pinned comment. One can read between the lines to infer details that I will not yet put onto the enemy's internet.

My hope is that somehow something spawns an aha experience that leads to a breakthrough, a way of exploiting the vulnerabilities of the enemy and eliminating its ability to harm humanity and the planet. It won't be easy. Nothing Einstein ever did was as important or challenging as what we are attempting here.


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