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I would like to suggest a new strategy to be used in addition to what you describe, or maybe instead of it...

The suits should consider targeting the PERSONAL PRIVATE assets and freedom of the criminals themselves, and not allow them to hide behind corporations, governments, trusts, obfuscations, immoral laws which protect them and instead require us to waste time going after the institutions they hide behind, etc.

IE. Do not sue the government. Sue the personal private assets and freedom of each criminal who voted the wrong way, who crafted immoral laws, etc. Do not sue the corporations. Go after the private personal assets and freedom of all the individuals involved. Sure, the cockroaches at the top of this disgusting pyramid are unknown and hide behind trusts and other immoral obfuscation instruments that need to be destroyed, but go for those who can be identified first. Have Biden, Obama, etc. worry about their bank accounts, personal freedom, opulent mansions, etc. when they realize they cannot hide behind the protection their organizations provide them. This might start as civil suits, but could soon be manipulated into criminal suits if designed well enough so the corrupt kangaroo court judges started realizing that either they do the right things or THEY ARE NEXT.

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