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BREAKING NEWS: AZ Judge Rules, Dr. Simone Gold is Not AFLDS President or Chair
Watch now (3 min) | This morning, I spoke with AFLDS’ Oversight Committee Chair, Kevin Jenkins. He told me it took the AZ judge no time to clearly determine Dr. Simone Gold is not an America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) board member, chair, or president and that, as I had mentioned numerous times in former…
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Renowned MIT Professor and Drug Safety Analytics Specialist Calls for Immediate Suspension of all mRNA COVID Vaccines

IRS Alerts Taxpayers They Must Answer a New Question On Tax Forms Or Face Consequences

The Fed wants to tax and monitor your crypto, and blockchain transactions.

By Tom Ozimek

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued an alert to taxpayers on Tuesday, reminding them that they must report all digital asset-related income and answer a new digital asset question on their 2022 federal income tax return or face consequences such as delayed refunds or even penalties.

The IRS said in a Jan. 24 release that a key change on 1040 forms this year is that the agency has replaced the term “virtual currency” with “digital assets,” in addition to some other modifications to the wording.

The “Yes” or “No” question, which…

Federal Judge Issues Preliminary Injunction Blocking California COVID 'Misinformation' Law

A federal judge on Wednesday blocked a controversial law allowing state medical boards to punish physicians for expressing views on COVID-19 to patients that depart from scientific consensus.

Megan Redshaw

A federal judge issued a preliminary injunction on Wednesday against a controversial law in California that allows the state’s medical boards to discipline physicians who “disseminate” information regarding COVID-19 that departs from the “contemporary scientific consensus.”

In his ruling, Senior Judge William B. Shubb of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern…

Biden Just Signed “The Declaration of North America.” One North American Country?

TOPICS:Climate ChangeDeclaration Of North AmericaForeign PolicyJeff Thompson

JANUARY 26, 2023

By Jeff Thompson

On January 10 of this year, Biden met with Trudeau and the president of Mexico at the 10th North American “Leaders” Summit. While there, Biden signed the Declaration of North America. Here is what was inside it.

This is verbatim text, as found at Our comments are below each segment in bold and italics.

Today, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, President Joseph R. Biden, and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Mexico City for the 10th North American Leaders’ Summit (NALS). The leaders are determined to fortify our region’s security, prosperity, sustainability and

The Greater Reset Activation January 25- 29, 2021

If you want to get independent of the banking system, you need to check out all 4 days of the Greater Reset 4.

Central Control, China Region

More evidence of our point that the central banks fund different operations for different regions of the world.

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'Whistleblower' Complaint Shows That U.S. Voting Firm Stored Election Workers' Private Data in China

Konnech illegally provided “Chinese programmers private data of poll workers, to include social security numbers and other personal identifying info

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