Excellent , now we are dealing with great minds on the following paragraph YOU WROTE I will comment

Survival Rate

Because our species always survive these events, we can choose survival over extinction, by getting small as they did and ignoring the rest, if all our interconnecting efforts have failed. Permaculture may offer a remedy, for systems of natural re-purpose of toxins in the soil, and ways of filtering water., without the need for electricity, as we use it now. We may have the kind of tech in organic lifestyles offering solutions or developing them. Anything anyone knows about good links to this kind of information will be welcomed in comments,(no ads please) and revolutionary. No one on earth may even need to worry about toxins in 30 years if the environmental changes of this 12,000-year cycle are in line with Suspicious Observer's timeline.

I have lived off grid, outside the system, self employed , highly skilled ,self sufficient , perma-culture , and highly warrior /scholar trained LIFESTYLE my entire life. I did not see it as a self induced type of "abuse" to detach from the system, BUT as the FOUNDATIONAL way to be most free of it , as healthy as possible , AND the solution to creating the new and better world on the other side of it. I did this BECAUSE I ALREADY saw these negative future timelines as the most likely probability IN MY LIFETIME, , even as a young child. Looking in hindsight I see my entire life has been TRAINING for these times as well as the solution. So it is a great time to be ALIVE and a" good day to die " THOUGH I dont intend to, today or anytime soon in the future , that is the BALANCE we must live NOW. PLEASE send and or use everywhere .

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I want to thank IRUUR1 and Thomas Guitarman for what they have done up to now. My computer says NOW is Sun Apr 2 1:15 PM US Western Time (Seattle time).

I want to share another perspective, another way of looking at things, another way of being. A story of my distant past will be used to introduce it.

As a pre teenager, around the age of 12, I was a distance runner, lived in Calgary Canada, and loved the wild Banff National Park system to the west. I would run the park trails, going further into the wild than my parents allowed. The further I got from people, the more the energy changed. At times I would come to a fork in the trail. I use the word trail loosely, usually there was nothing like a well groomed human trail. I used to love to consider where the different paths might lead, go down all of them for a while, return back to the fork, and explore the others. But time was always a factor. Eventually I had to choose one, and hope that maybe at some future time I could return to this fork and, either re walk this path, or explore the other paths more deeply.

That has stuck with me. My engineering career in simulations was extremely successful. My simulations were accurate, and I developed tuning programs to ensure the greatest possible accuracy. I also learned to creatively visualize several different futures. But I have been doing this my entire life.

So, when Guitarman talks of his success and experiences in his life choices, I have already walked that path to the greatest extent possible without actually having done it. Several times in my past I seriously considered doing what Guitarman did. Physically, in this life, one chooses one path, and can only visualize the others. Spiritual guidance and lucid dreams indicate that, for me, doing this is my purpose here. It comes at a cost, but has benefits.

I admire those who have a proven ability to select the best path and excel at it. Usually I discover that they are also adept at looking at different paths, but with more well defined goals, with more well defined destinations, while rejecting the others, and focusing on what is most relevant to them.

And I could go on with this, but would prefer to stop now and invite discussion. We can learn by sharing. Each have their own attributes and way of being. I had always hoped to be able to walk the kind of nature embracing permaculture path Guitarman walked, and chose to defer that until later in life, and now it looks like that might not manifest.

For me, the pivotal concept here is the choice of path, and focus. We are all challenged right now by an enemy that has designs for the future that are not in accordance with what we believe in? An enemy with what appears to be superior resources. An enemy which appears to have the ability to force its visions upon any or all of us in any way it wishes any time it wishes. In Solution Seeking, this publication was an attempt to derive humanity's best chance of stopping this enemy's ability to harm humanity and the planet, It gave the simplest possible quantitative method for evaluating options I know of and presented my analysis of 6 alternatives that, for me, span the spectrum of the solutions I have seen so far. It concluded that the best solution at this time is to do our best to get people thinking of root cause solutions, strategic analysis, and planning, and attempt to get people invoking as many viable solutions as possible, with the greatest urgency and focus possible. https://solutionseeking.substack.com/p/web-links-of-interest-march-28-2023 Great? No. It appears to have failed. So far I am not aware of one person who has read that, done their own analysis, and discussed it. Nobody has offered suggestions for better ways to do it. But many have told me that they are smarter than the rest and know what to do, because they have always succeeded in the past, and, therefore, they are correct. The problem is that all of those things, many said in confidence, are not compatible with what the others have so authoritatively said is the best answer. People prefer to show their successes and continue to jump from one publication to another showing how the enemy is planning and doing even worse things.

I am now at another fork in the paths of my life. From here, going back to the fork might not be possible, starting down many of the paths will be a one way trip. I have visualized them and have not yet made my decision. What path? What focus? I realize now that my nature, given the current challenges and situation, is to stay at this fork in the paths, and walk the paths visually instead of physically, for, that way, I can return to the fork. How about you? You KNOW that your path is the best? If so, how? Can you convince others like you that your path is better than theirs? Do we just all split? Really, each doing their own best solution was what the math in the article linked above indicated was the best solution. IE. There is no one best solution. The key is getting people to start understanding the real challenges and thinking of their own best viable solutions? I know this is fragmented and unstructured. It would take some time to improve it. But I am just going to send it and see what happens. Thanks for considering it.

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