Sitemap - 2022 - IRUUR1’s Newsletter

Magnetic Excursion Update

The Covid-19 Genetic Solstice, A Decisive Turning Point

Joke Time

W.H.O. Deleting Dignity In International Regulations - Compliance Is Futile - People's Options

Hard Science Elite Agenda Update

Hard Science and Human Rights Face an Elite Agenda

A Merry Christmas, Solstice. Time for a Breathing, Re-Imprinting, Bio- Hardware Tune-up

Sunday Funnies

Official 5G Policies Framework, Slammed In Extensive New Study Critique

Looking Glass Event Singularity and Earth's Magnetic Excursion 0 Point

Globalists' War Against Brazil Heats Up As People Relinquish Their Power

Consciousness: Where and What Are You?

Thank God, Judge Blocks DeSantis From Establishing Religion

MAGNETIC EXCURSION | Xtreme Climate Event Within 30 Years?

FED/Central Bank, Debt, and Destruction, News Roundup

Announcing the Safe Zone Community Newsletter and Media Groups

The Race To Safe Zones Is On | Who Is Fit To Survive, In The New World

Mike Lindell, Donald Trump, And The Midterms

Ye Say

Safe Zone Email - Turkish Digital Control

A round news up

Safe Zone Guidelines | A Conversation With Ben Davidson

PCR Of The Mind

Surviving 2 Current Mass Extinction Events


Don't Blame Genocidal Elites for the Results Of Your Own Lack Of Vision

Safe Zone Plan 1 Update

People, And The Ancient History of Genetic Warfare

Safe Zone Development Plan

MAJOR- VITAL Mass Class Action, Covid/Vaxx Lawsuit - Free Public Seminar Today | Take Action 12pmPDT 3pm EDT

Nature Of Political Parties, Natural Law

Criminal Case Primer On Dr.'s Fauci and Baric Remdesivir, Spike Protein Gain Of Function

RESETTING THE RESET - Generational Options Today

TODAY'S TACTICS/INTEL - Changing Your Environment

DEBT/INFLATION/CRASH | The FED and The Facts Everybody Knows

LGBTQ Publisher Exposes Trans/Health Indoctrination Harm in Schools

IRUUR1 The World In Transition, 3 Foundational Building Blocks

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