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The Time Is Now, Now O'clock, Exactly

Changing The Rules On Reiner, Awareness Gaining Visibly, I'm Banned From TGP

Are We At 30% Global Resistance Numbers Yet?

1 million Needed, In The Resolution Revolution, Resistance Movement

Awareness, Hyper-Novelty Follow Up Brief

Hyper-Novelty and the Freedom From Presumed Un-Verified Authorities

All Reiner - The Latest, Full Fuellmich, Update

Seeding Reality

Easter Is A Big Effing Deal, In Reality

The Real Science, Climate Guide | Earth's Ecological History, Present Condition, And Trajectory

It's Out - Basic Climate Facts, in an Easy Reference Guide

Air Force, Air University Paper Warns of Full Magnetic Reversal - US Unprepared

Antisocial Personality Disorder Becoming A Global Mental Health Pandemic

AI, And The Sociopaths In Leadership Programming Our Future

The WHO Amendments Are Out

Jews In The News And History

Is Accused Embezzler Reiner Fuellmich The One Being Embezzled? + Free Julian | Graphene Oxide (GO) in Pfizer's mRNA

Geomagnetic Excursion Sunday

We Have Already Won - Others Not So Fortunate

COVID Jabs - "All regulations were done in such a way as to maximize the harm." Michael Palmer MD.

Weekend Brief

Awareness Ascending - Old Order Breaking Down As Bankrupt Nations, Face Extinction

Can Mainstream Alternative Media Save Western Civilization?

Reiner Fuellmich - We hold the vision for Reiner that he has won and is released from jail

Debt From Private Investors Funding Global Investment Agenda, Seen By US Congress As The Only Remedy For Shutdown

Reiner Fuellmich Lays Out The Charges

Weak Lazy Americans Targeted For Immediate Genocide As Global Invasion of US Ramps Up

A Funded March Of Ironic Madness Sets The Tempo Of The Times

Global Genocide Agenda Advances - The Vladimir Putin Interview

Uncertainty Grips US Over Revolution VS Civil War

Reiner Fuelmich Gaining Confidence As Both Sides Present Cases In Court

Blackrock and Natural Authority, In The News

Identifying and Exercising Your Intrinsic Sovereignty and Natural Authority

Blackrock, WEF, Big Pharma Connected To Construction Of Colorado Gain Of Function Ebola Biolab

Establishing Human Rights On The Ground

Critics Decry US Public Awareness Gap, As Congress Seeks More Funding To Advance WEF Agenda

Accessing The Full Electromagnetic Spectrum | Opportunities and Opposition

Victory In The Air As The People Prepare To Usher In A New Economy and Lifestyle

The Carlin Effect - AI Is Us, A Product Of Our Data - It Is A Tool Of Mimicry Incapable of Conscious Identity

Is This Treason? US and Other Nations Being Overthrown By Global Financial Interests

Brief 01-09-2024 Core Report

The Corona Committee VS Reiner - The Full Fuellmich

Programming Reality - Hacking Humanity - Your Hierarchy Of Independence