Sitemap - 2023 - IRUUR1’s Newsletter

Learning The Consciousness To Energy Interface

Have Yourself A Dusty Miracle Holiday Season

Calibrating Consciousness | Programming the Energy Environment

AI Legal - Implied and Informed Consent

Reiner Fuelmich Speaks Out For Effective Legal and Professional Human Rights

ChatGPT, Legally, What it Means To You And Me

Reprogramming The System

Elsa's Newsletter On Substack - Increasing Personal Perception and Effective Legal Options

The Quality of Banking, Medicine, Politics In Freefall | New Designs Use Real Models Found In Nature

New Science New Realities | Getting Small - Science observes properties in small particles operating beyond time and space

Trump Reinvents America In The Central Bank Image

Authorizing Intentional Harm - Plus MIT Discovers Incalculable Cracks In Reality

Odds and Ends, Examining The Pieces

Reiner Fuelmich, Guilty Or Innocent | The Integrity Of Awareness

CBDC, The Next 9 Months, and Stew Peters, with Dr. Alexander Dugin, talk about Putin

Data Sets, Subsets, Gathering, and Scraping Reveal Our Reality Programming

Programming Resources for your reality needs

Energy, Resources Reality Programming

Public Belief In The System Continues To Produce Genocide And Rising Fear

Getting canceled makes you "cool" | I am Jewish and I LOATHE the government of Israel and Zionism - Two Operational Realities

Mathematics Of Human Energy Manipulation

The Politics of Energy In Brief

Politics, Economics, Culture, Planetary/Human Energy

Defining Elite Knowledge and Criminality

Brief Commentary 11-10-2023



Brief 11-07-2023 Raising Awareness

Millions Now Beseeching Billions, Don't Sleep Walk Into Destruction

Friday Brief

Brief 11-02-2023 |The Internet Of Bodies - Sabrina Wallace

Brief - War, Division, Wealth Transfer Update


IRUUR1 Daily Brief 10-30-23

Bio-Social Energy Fields In Motion | Brief - 10-29-23

Daily People’s, Energy Intelligence Brief, 10-28-23

Karen Kingston Leading By Example

Powerful Vested Interests Rule

Awakening From The Mind Program

Expanding War Adding Liquidity, To A Drought-Stricken Economy

Human Behavioral Shock Therapy | Engineering Israel Hamas War

What's Your Human Rights Bottom Line? - 10 Central Bank Do's and Don'ts

Ethical Biotech Programming of Human Resources | Silent Weapons Instruction Manual Update

Bond Heretics and Vigilantes Blamed For 10yr Treasury Selloff

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. An introductory programming manual. OPERATICS RESEARCH TECHNICAL MANUAL. TM-577905 - FULL TEXT and IMAGES Pt.3 - conclusion

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. An introductory programming manual. OPERATICS RESEARCH TECHNICAL MANUAL. TM-577905 - FULL TEXT and IMAGES Pt. 2

Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars. An introductory programming manual. OPERATICS RESEARCH TECHNICAL MANUAL. TM-577905 - FULL TEXT and IMAGES; Presented in three parts

Modern Sunday Funnies

Trouble In The Bond Market Bubble | Great Reset, or Reckoning? Peoples Choice

Touching Base, on previous topics

The Silent Secret Weapon To Enforce an Automated Society

Something In The Air | Coming Crises, CBDCs, and the Public Awareness Trigger

Federal Reserve Statement Signals Path To Small Business Extinction

Psyche Ops Alert - Global Crises vs Public Awareness - China-BRICS and Public Ensnarement

Geomagnetic Excursion and Other Matters

The Now of 6 Months From Now, In The News

10-year US Treasury bond suffering longest stretch of losses since 1787 says Bank of America

Jumping In To Your New Geoengineered Environment

Powerful, Globally Invested Interests | Their Deniers, Compliers, Enablers, and Conspiracy Theories

The Pattern of Public Sector Mismanagement by Powerful Vested Interests

STUFF IT - Letting It All Hang Out

The CBDC War Against the 99% and the Geomagnetic Excursion - Are You Ready?

Notes On The News | State Gangs, CBDCs, and Andrew Tate In Captivity

Cracking the Molecular Code - Solving The A.I. Singularity Problem?

Biodigital Convergence - Have Our Good Dr. A.I. Frankenstein's, Created an Exponential Monster

Yuval Noah Harari Affirms Our A.I. Future Is Part of An Emerging Techno Religion

New Study Warns; Nano-Tech Industry Has Already; "Caused IRREPLACEABLE DAMAGE to Animals and Plants", Worldwide

Pfizer Now Legally Liable For Covid "Vaccine" Harm Due To Discovery Of Nano Tech Ingredients

Too Much, Too Soon, For Too Many - UPDATE

Actionable Intel Too

Born Free - The Visualization That Brings Victory | Do This Every Day

Actionable Intel | Some Food Prices to Rise Sharply, Grow This Superfood ANYWHERE

Have You Seen Amazing Amy? Undisputed Wellness Icon and, SYSTEM OUTCAST

"To Become So Absolutely Free That My Very Existence Is An Act Of Rebellion"

KALI YUGA ANYONE? Another Name for the 12,000-year Cycle

The Case Against Viruses or How Scientific Is The Increasingly Criminal W.H.O., CDC, NIH

W.H.O. Exit, Easy Action Plan #1 - The Rights of Authority In A Republic

Weaponizing Treason and the Economy - 5 Days To Exit The W.H.O.

A.I., Population War, Weaponization of the Public | Health Rights, 1 Week Left to Exit the W.H.O.

Naming Names In Lawsuits, Medical Professionals for Transparency | 9 days left, EXIT THE W.H.O.

Your Sunday Funnies

Banks' Exponential Exposure To Derivatives | W.H.O. Dictatorship Power Over US Health in 10 Days

Daily Modern Miracle News and OIC

Solar Investment Strategies Under Peer Review, Weaponized Mosquitos to Infect People, Fully Operational

Weaponizing Your Life To Defend Your Nature

Border Buildup, Suing The Supremes | Climate Intelligence, OIC, NWON

Fed Allocates 32 bil dollar Bailout Lifeline To Small Banks | IRUUR1 Roundup

Trans Actionable In Nature | Captivating Procreation

IRUUR1 - System Circus News

The 1 MILLION TON Legal Elephant


Globalists At The Top-Who They Are and What They Have Done

There Are 1 Million Desperate People In The U.S. - Do you see them? Solution Seeking

IRUUR1 CORE official informal contributors REPORT

Molecular A.I.? Practical Limits Of Current A.I., In A Cyclically Mutational Environment

Economic Liquidity and the Hidden Headlines You're Not Allowed To See

Global Reset Moves Forward 600bil Ticks, IN ONE MONTH

LET IT BE KNOWN-[We Don't Need This] Fascist Groove Thang

WEF and The Hidden Power To Control

Marketing The Real Great Reset

A New, Substack Newsletter, Community Think Tank | Problem Solving the Future

De-Mystifying Reality Electromagnetically - Do What You Want = Glorify Creation

The Unknown Is The Official Authority, In A World Of Infinite Possibility

Revelations, The Webb Telescope, WWIII, and The W.H.O.

U.S. Global Occupation Continues | Ohio, Latest Target Of Population Warfare?

The First Covid Criminal Prosections Emerge - Thailand Tribunals, Swiss President Indicted

Market Fundamentals No Distractions - Mannarino, Activist Post

W.E.F., Urban Genocide Agenda, 2030, The Carrington Event, an A.I Plan


Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. Is Hard


Global Population Warfare | Constitutional Rights

IRUUR1 - Official, Informal Contributors

Global Occupation Update | Resetting The Timetable; TGP Reports

Accessing Your Greater Resource Environment | Behavior Experiments Offer Clues

Political Energy Fields, Headlines In Nature

Your Electromagnetic Field | Personal, Community, Convergence/Interaction

The Overwhelming Evidence Can No Longer Be Ignored | MICRONOVA IN 25 YEARS

Addicted to Central Bank Debt? - THE TWELVE STEPS

Is Effective Altruism doing good better?

New Years, Old School Sunday Comics

A Greg Mannarino, Update - and The Great Actuarial Reset